Welcome to kefirwala.

I am SriHari.

I started Kefirwala in 2016 when I discovered drinking this probiotic helps improve my immunity. In 2006, I was diagnosed with an extreme case of hypothyroidism. Over the next few years, it worsened and affected almost all my hormones, making me feel like an old man.

I spent lakhs on blood tests and cures. Some helped, and others didn’t. After about six years of experimentation, I figured out which kinds of treatments work for my body, and I began to fine-tune my approach.

By year 8, I realised I need to improve my body’s ability to absorb nutrition. That is when I discovered kefir. However, it was hard to source In Bangalore as most sellers were in the US. I tried a few Indian sellers and got duped. Luckily a friend was coming back from the States, and she carried a handful of grains for me.

It took me about a month to get used to drinking kefir milk every day, and I noticed that my hunger improved. I was able to digest food quickly and did not feel lethargic.

That’s when I knew I have stumbled upon a super-food.

Kefir is a super-food

I knew there are thousands of people who could benefit from using Kefir and that is when I started Kefirwala to share grains and knowledge about probiotics with others.

Soon, I was fielding calls from people who had colitis, Irritable bowel, Stomach ulcers and a dozen other problems. Over time, I learnt a lot more about fermentation, got hold of many cultures and started experimenting.

We now have two different strains of milk kefir and two strains of water grains.

Every time a person wants to buy grains, I speak with them to make sure they are choosing the best grains for their case.

Kefir has many benefits when used in the right way. Otherwise, it will just be another thing you tried and failed. Call me today to figure out which one is best suited for you. And I will give you a specific plan to meet your particular needs.

So the experiments continue.



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