How to use Milk Kefir Grains?

If you were looking for the best quality milk kefir grains in Bangalore, congrats! Your search ends here.

Milk kefir is one of the most power probiotic drinks around. It is a symbiotic ecosystem comprising of 60-70 different strains of essential gut microbes.  By drinking kefir, you replenish your gut with billions of helpful bacteria that will help you improve digestion, increase immunity and resolve many tummy related issues like diarrhoea, IBS, constipation etc.

Types of Kefir

There are two primary types of Kefir, Milk and Water.  Milk kefir grains feed on lactose while Water kefir grains feed mostly on simple and complex carbs found in sugar/jaggery. Milk kefir is a more potent drink, while water kefir is more versatile. If you don’t have any milk-related issues, we recommend you try milk kefir first.

But if you have a delicate stomach, water kefir can be a great way to heal it.

In water kefir, we have four different varieties, Traditional water kefir, Tibcos, Coconut water and Fruit water kefir.

Milk Kefir grains are big, mostly round, cauliflower-like particles that thrive on good milk. Our Kefir has been treated to super healthy A2 milk from desi cows. The milk is completely free of hormones and antibiotics. The cows feed on forest pastures.

As a result, our ‘ready to drink’ Kefir milk is creamier and tastier than most of the varieties available in the market.  Even if you do not like a sour drink, you will love our kefir milk.

Not all grains are created equal.

Most of the milk grains available in the market are tiny, sized like mustard. These grains are harder to maintain because they tend to escape while filtering.

When you buy our 100% Organic Milk kefir grains, you are buying a lifetime of strong immunity and health for your family. These grains are big and easy to manage so that you can ferment milk at home quickly. In case you are short on time or prefer not to mess around things, you can get our ‘Ready to Drink’ kefir milk.

How to use these grains?

milk kefir grains
Kefirwala’s Milk Kefir Grains

The steps to making milk kefir are straightforward

  1. Buy good quality ‘active’ milk kefir grains
  2. Get a glass jar and clean it with purified water
  3. Add grains to the jar
  4. Add pasteurised (or boiled and cooled) A2 milk to the jar, leaving ¼ space for aeriation
  5. Close the lid lightly or tie a cloth to the mouth of the jar
  6. Leave it in a cool dark place for 24 hours.
  7. After 24 hours, filter the contents using a nylon or plastic filter/sieve and collect the fermented drink in a glass/ plastic container.
  8. Put the grains back in the jar and repeat from step 4.
  9. Refrigerate the fermented milk and consume whenever you like.

Caution: Do not use any metallic spoons or containers to store milk kefir grains and fermented milk.

The duration of fermentation can be varied to meet your taste requirements. But maintain a minimum of 12 hours to get the best results.

Do not let your grain starve. Change milk every 24/48 hours.

Benefits of  this probiotic drink

Milk kefir is a great probiotic, filled with billions of live bacteria. Here are some of the key benefits of drinking kefir every day.

a. No more constipation. As your digestion improves and your gut health gets better, your constipation problem will vanish. Drink about 50 ml of Kefir before sleeping to ensure smooth bowel movement the next morning.

b. Respite from IBS. Kefir provides relief from irritable bowel syndrome and inflamed bowel syndrome. If your tummy feels funny when you drink regular milk, try A2 fermented milk, and if that also doesn’t work, you can go with water kefir or coconut water kefir.

c. Reduction of GERD symptoms. For some people, A2 fermented milk has given relief in cases of GERD. But as a rule, people suffering from GERD should not use milk products, especially the A1 type. According to a 2017 study, milk is a restricted food in the FODMAPS plan. So we do not recommend milk kefir for such customers. Water kefir should be tested in small quantities before buying grains.

d. People who have low energy will notice an improvement in their activity level, reduction in brain fog and feelings of depression when they regularly use kefir milk. Kefir milk is rich in Bifidobacterium. When the number of good bacteria grows in the gut, serotonin production improves, and it helps reduce feelings of sadness.

Advantages of buying milk kefir grains from Kefirwala

  • Big, healthy grains. They are a lot easier to use than most of the other grains in the market.
  • Expert help. I’ve spent over a decade to get my health back on track. So I know most of the pitfalls when using food as medicine. You can take advantage of my experience and knowledge. Check our reviews to see the importance of this support.
  • One-year limited guarantee on grains. In case your grains die due to contamination, accidental spillage or forgetfulness, you can get replace grains up to two times up to a year.
  • 10 plus years history of grains. Kefir grains grow on their own, and it is essential to understand the lineage of these grains. I keep a clear record of the origin of the grains to ensure I offer only the best possible grains to you.

Several nutritionists, doctors and scientists are my customers. Read our reviews to see how Kefir helped them and then decide if it is right for you.