How to drink kefir?

Have you ever wondered how to drink kefir to get the most benefits from it? Dunking a big cup of freshly brewed kefir is not the right way to start your journey with this probiotic. You may get in trouble if you do that. In this article, you will find out how to drink kefir, how much to take, the optimum time and other best practices we have discovered after serving thousands of customers in the last six years.

This is one of the most controversial topics in kefir and I constantly hear from people about other ways of drinking kefir. While I respect the fact that some people watch a video or read one blog post and make up their minds, this guide is a result of experience with over 10,000 customers trialling different ways and telling us their experience.  So keep an open mind. Test and listen to what your body tells you and follow it. That is the best way to drink kefir.

how to drink kefir
milk kefir dosage

 How to drink kefir Summary:

If you are in a hurry, here is the gist. Milk kefir is to be taken at night.

  1. First day drink one teaspoon of kefir after food at night.
  2. From day 2, double your dose every day and reach your maximum dose ( see below for age-specific limits)

All other kefirs ( water kefir/coconut water kefir /fruit kefir and beet kvass and other) should be consumed during the day.

  1. First day drink one teaspoon of kefir after breakfast/lunch
  2. From day 2, double your dose every day and reach your maximum dose ( see below for age-specific limits)

Mandatory to follow

  1. Don’t mix kefir with turmeric or honey or hot food items.
  2. Store your kefir drinks in the fridge.
  3. Avoid drinking cold kefir if you are prone to cough. Take out the quantity you drink 1-2 hours before and let it come to room temperature before drinking.

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 But first, let’s talk about key things to remember when drinking kefir.

  1. Do not drink a large quantity of kefir on your first time. Control your excitement and calm your taste buds. This is food, but it is potent. So follow the dosage instructions below.
  2. Do not heat kefir. Many people like to use kefir with everyday food, which is great. But do not heat your kefir because the temperature will kill all the good bacteria. Room temperature is ideal for kefir, especially in India.
  3. Avoid mixing Honey, Turmeric and other strong antibacterials with kefir. 
  4. Do not mix kefir with tinned juices and other processed food. Many of these contain preservatives and other chemicals which may render kefir bacteria useless. So, it is best to avoid mixing such things with our live probiotics.

Now, let’s talk about how to consume kefir to get full benefits.

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Dosage guide to maximise kefir benefits

Kefir is a powerful probiotic and thus should be treated with respect. Drinking a lot of kefir on the first day may cause diarrhoea and feelings of nausea. Your body may go into a state of detoxification if you drink a glass full of fermented drink on your first day.

It is crucial to follow a well-tested dosage guide.

We have spoken to hundreds of our customers and tested multiple methods and found the following to be the safest and most effective way to introduce kefir to your body.

Kefirwala’s dosage guide

kefirwala dosage guide
kefirwala dosage guide

Day 1 : 

One teaspoon for adults.

Half a teaspoon for children above the age of 14.

Quarter teaspoon for kids below the age of 14.

For Babies: start with quarter teaspoon.

Quarter teaspoon for small pets like cats and dogs.

Day 2 to Day 10:

For adults: Double the dose every day and reach 100ml per day.

Kids above 14: can double the dose every day and reach 50ml per day.

For kids under 14: Increase dosage by 50% every day and stop at 25ml per day.

For Babies: Increase dosage by 50% every day and stop at stop at 15ml per day.

For pets: Increase dosage slowly and reach 25 ml. Continue the same dosage and increase only if the pet feels ok with it.

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What is the best time of the day to drink kefir?

 For the first two weeks, we recommend you drink milk kefir at night. Studies suggest Tryptophan, an essential amino acid present in kefir, is very helpful in calming your mind and nerves. Many of our customers swear by their ‘one cup before sleep’ protocol.

In fact, close to 80 percent of all our customers drink kefir at night. That one cup at night gives them good sleep, reduces bloating in the morning and fills them with energy.

After your first two weeks of kefir, you can try drinking them at different times of the day. Test it before food in the morning for a week and then after the meal for a week. Try sipping on an empty stomach for a while and then after eating something. 

And notice.


Sense how you feel and stick to the routine that makes you feel great. If you’ve always been a night drinker, switch it for a week and notice how your body feels.


Water kefir/Coconut water kefir/Beet Kvaas: Any time of the day after food.

Milk kefir: At night after food.

 One key criterion while experimenting.

While conducting your tests, make sure you try only one thing at a time. If you are testing water kefir, don’t drink milk kefir. In the same manner, don’t drink kombucha while you are testing kefir. By testing one thing at a time, you reduce possibilities of connecting a cause with an unrelated effect.

So stick to one thing at a time.

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Before food/after food debate

 This is one of the most debated topics in the fermenting groups. Some people suggest you drink kefir only on an empty stomach, while others suggest the opposite.

We suggest you drink after food primarily to ensure your body does not get overwhelmed by the acidity of kefir. In the initial days, stick to drinking after a meal. After the first 14 days, you can start testing other conditions to find the method that works best for you.

Some people lose their appetite if they drink kefir before food. And many use the technique of drinking water kefir before a meal to lose weight.

 Raw or make it more fun?

It is hard to force young kids to drink something sour. Even some adult turn their noses up if they have to drink sour drinks. So if you cannot handle the sourness of kefir drinks, mix them with something sweet or tasty and enjoy.

Mix water kefir with a little bit of sugar or jaggery or freshly squeezed fruit juices. 

For milk kefir, we suggest making them into lassi or buttermilk or add them with a bit of curd rice at the end of the meal.

coconut kefir
coconut kefir

For coconut water, we recommend diluting it with fresh tender coconut.

As we mentioned before, avoid mixing them with turmeric and honey as both are strong antibacterials. And also avoid processing kefir by heating or mixing it with hot food items.

Whether you drink it raw or mixed, you will still get the benefits. Just make sure you drink it every day.

Once you complete the first month, please come and tell us about your experiments and their results. We will add this information to our database and update the instructions if required. This way, we can spread the best practices on how to drink kefir for everyone!

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Avoid drinking cold kefir

If you are prone to getting cough due to drinking cold items, avoid drinking kefir straight out of the fridge. Take out the quantity you are drinking at least 1-2 hours ahead of time and let it come down to room temperature before drinking.