Can Milk kefir help in weight loss?

Every second ad on the internet is about a miracle weight loss product. If you have brought more than one, by now, you know most of it is hogwash. Proper nutrition and a good workout schedule are the only ways to have a lasting weight loss effect on your body.

 Why should you lose weight?

Most people want to lose weight for summer or to fit into a dress. However, the biggest reason to lose weight is to stay healthy and live a better life. Genetics fix the size of your heart. Moreover, it will not keep growing in size if you keep putting on weight. Eventually, your heart will run out of power to pump blood to your entire body. Tingling sensations in your extremities are a sign of lack of blood supply sometimes. Excess weight also attracts a host of other lifestyle diseases like Diabetes.

So what can you do to get on a path to weight loss?

First off, there is a no magic bullet. There are several ways for weight loss, some of which may not be possible for you. Changing your lifestyle radically one day is not a good solution. I suggest you start small and then work your way through some more significant changes that can give you a healthy body.

As a first step, cut off on sugar and any processed food that you are eating right now. Chips, nachos, popcorn, cakes, and all of these empty foods just add to your weight.

If you feel hungry, drink a cup of kefir milk. It will fill your hunger pangs and still provide nutrition to your body.

Early in the morning, replace your coffee, sugar mix with water kefir drink. It will help get rid of excessive gas, and it will also boost your gut bacteria, helping it digest your food properly.

ready to drink water kefir pink
ready to drink water kefir pink

It takes 21 days to get rid of sugar addiction. So get started today. Refuse sugar. If you get a massive pang to eat something sweet, maybe once a day or once in two days, eat a small piece of jaggery. After a 21 day cycle, your tongue’s taste buds will regrow and allow you to taste flavours you never knew existed. You will then be able to taste the yummy food that will help you get more strength in your body and give you better health.

Like I said before there are many ways to lose weight. Through my trials and experiments with many clients, I found this to be the easiest way to get started with weight loss. Some of my clients are doctors, microbiologists, and functional nutritionists and they all love kefir for its fantastic health benefits.  You can get started on Kefir from today. Call us on 888 4728 555 to know how.

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  1. While in the trial period ,can you mixed water or milk kefir to drink, I don’t mean mix these two together ,i means sometimes i take water kefir or sometimes I take milk kefir depends how it available when I travel out


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