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Our business runs solely on word of mouth publicity. We don’t advertise anywhere. So it is extremely important to for us to ensure each and every customer of ours is able to use kefir effectively and happy with their purchase.

Here is what some of our customers have to say about their experience with kefirwala.


Mira Swaroop: Communication Coach from Delhi.

Arti Chari from Chennai


Our Google Reviews

Bhanu Pratap Singh Avatar
Bhanu Pratap Singh
Quick and wonderful service, with doorstep delivery. I've always received the order well in time and the quality of the... read more - 19/10/2022
Akhila Prabhakar Avatar
Akhila Prabhakar
Very much recommended. This has helped a lot for us. Very much helpful for GERD patients. - 19/10/2022
Abhas Tandon Avatar
Abhas Tandon
I had bought coconut water kefir about 2 weeks back. This is the best batch of coconut water kefir that... read more - 19/09/2022
I bought kefir from Kefirwala i have digestive issues for which i was on vegan diet for a long time... read more - 19/08/2022
Bobby Samuel Avatar
Bobby Samuel
The water Kefir grains that I sourced from here are fantastic... I started seeing excellent results from the first batch... read more - 13/06/2022
Gayathri Devi Avatar
Gayathri Devi
Started with milk kefir made by srihari. I loved the taste. Hence boughts th milk kefir grains and have started... read more - 13/05/2022
leni br Avatar
leni br
found the shop online after searching and searching. Really friendly owner, answered all my doubts and has good knowledge on... read more - 13/12/2021
AnjanaR Avatar
Before I go into saying anything about the kefir, I'd like to really appreciate Srihari for going out out of... read more - 13/12/2021
Arijit Sahoo Avatar
Arijit Sahoo
I was suffering from terrible gastrointestinal issues even after multiple appointments with doctors let it be allopathy , homeopathy, ayurvedic... read more - 19/11/2021
Vinay Shastry Avatar
Vinay Shastry
We bought water kefir grains from Kefirwala. Drinking kefir regularly after lunch has helped immensely with digestion and healing the... read more - 19/11/2021
Bhargav kurma Avatar
Bhargav kurma
From: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh Bought : Milk Kefir grains Large size, high quality Kefir grains unlike others available in the... read more - 19/11/2021
Mohammed Tariq Avatar
Mohammed Tariq
One of the most trusted Kefir Grains and Kefir Product provider in the entire Country. Ships everywhere. Very Honest, Excellant... read more - 13/11/2021
Sareena L Avatar
Sareena L
Was suffering from a very strange issue named as OLP ( Oral Lichen Planus), and was recommended to have Kefir... read more - 13/11/2021
ranjitha rajashekara Avatar
ranjitha rajashekara
good product. It has helped improve my health. - 13/10/2021
Parshva Kapadia Avatar
Parshva Kapadia
I have tried grains with couple of suppliers and Sri, had the best of them..big size, good quantity. Also he... read more - 13/10/2021
Sarika Sinha Avatar
Sarika Sinha
Kefir has helped the gut and sleep quality has improved. Grains are of good quality and Srihari explained us thoroughly... read more - 13/10/2021
Sandeep Sudarshan Avatar
Sandeep Sudarshan
Srihari provides exceptional quality of Kefir and service. The packaging and taste of kefir is taken care of with great... read more - 13/10/2021
Ashok shankar Avatar
Ashok shankar
The best probiotic drink 🍷. - 13/08/2021
leena haldar Avatar
leena haldar
It has been a very pleasant experience to buy water kefir grains and learn how to make it with the... read more - 13/07/2021
Vishwanath V Avatar
Vishwanath V
High quality kefir, high quality service. I have been ordering kefir from Kefirwala. The founder is great, helped me understand... read more - 13/07/2021
itchyfeet jnanika Avatar
itchyfeet jnanika
Not knowing what Keffir was earlier, my boyfriend from Germany, enlightened me of it .. we then came across Hari,... read more - 13/07/2021
Deep Shah Avatar
Deep Shah
After a lot of research on various Kefir vendors, I recently ordered my first lot of Milk Kefir grains from... read more - 13/07/2021
arshiya banu Avatar
arshiya banu
Best kefir drink and grains provider in Bangalore, I highly recommend this store! Extremely satisfied with the products. - 13/07/2021
Vinay Shastry Avatar
Vinay Shastry
We bought water kefir grains from Kefirwala. Drinking kefir regularly after lunch has helped immensely with digestion and healing the... read more - 13/07/2021
Karamjeet Singh Avatar
Karamjeet Singh
I purchased Kefir Milk grains from KefirWala and they have been working flawlessly for me. All of my queries were... read more - 13/07/2021
Vaibhav Karkera Avatar
Vaibhav Karkera
ShriHari is so cool and calm regarding all your queries. Provided best quality grains and handled all concerns patiently. Grains... read more - 13/07/2021
Bhargav kurma Avatar
Bhargav kurma
From: Guntur, Andhra PradeshBought : Milk Kefir grainsLarge size, high quality Kefir grains unlike others available in the market. Kefirwala... read more - 13/07/2021
dipankar roy Avatar
dipankar roy
I bought the water kefir drink initially from Kefirwala a few months ago and this has been a game changer... read more - 13/07/2021
Yusuf Avatar
Really good and authentic kefir grains. The best source of natural probiotics there is. I prefer making it with desi... read more - 13/07/2021
Akash Mysore Avatar
Akash Mysore
Bought both milk and water kefir. Very polite person and will help you answer your queries with patience. Ive been... read more - 13/07/2021
Saurabh Pandey Avatar
Saurabh Pandey
I had been looking for kefir for quite some time. Searches all major retail outlets, but could only find kefir... read more - 13/07/2021
Ameet Mattoo Avatar
Ameet Mattoo
I am using water kefir grains since one month plus. I found it very helpful for my gut and had... read more - 13/07/2021
charan kumar Avatar
charan kumar
I purchased the milk kefir grains some 2 months back after browsing through some health benefits on regular consumption of... read more - 13/07/2021
Suguna Ramesh Avatar
Suguna Ramesh
I've been consuming Kefir milk from past 3 months until now and I can make out the change within, it's... read more - 13/07/2021
Chitra's Food Book Avatar
Chitra's Food Book
Thanks to Srihari / kefirwala for providing quality kefir grains. We are using it regularly. Srihari is very helpful and... read more - 13/07/2021
Sukhjiwan Kaur Avatar
Sukhjiwan Kaur
Hi,First, I am very thankful to Kefirwala for providing my family such a fine Milk Kefir grains. These are growing... read more - 13/07/2021
Srikanth K Avatar
Srikanth K
The quality of grains is pretty good. Srihari does a wonderful job of explaining and clarifying things. We started making... read more - 13/07/2021
Sri Kanth Avatar
Sri Kanth
I tried water kefir grains (tibicos) from Kefirwala. Kefirwala Srihari provided me with excellent grains and world class after... read more - 13/07/2021
Savio Abraham Avatar
Savio Abraham
After a lot of research we decided to buy Kefir grains in India from KefirWala and we are very happy... read more - 13/07/2021
Sanskriti Mittal Avatar
Sanskriti Mittal
I had been looking for a few weeks for a trusted source of Kefir in India and was only perfectly... read more - 13/07/2021
Xavier Lobo Avatar
Xavier Lobo
The Kefir Grains from Kefirwala is of a very good quality and the best part is the service that you... read more - 13/07/2021
Their service is very fast and promising, I got my grains the same day I ordered in a very hygienic... read more - 13/07/2021
Manjunath Prasad Avatar
Manjunath Prasad
Glad I found Kefirwala.., Absolutely a bliss to have such a quality kefir grains… I am using it since 8... read more - 13/07/2021
Lokesh Kumar Avatar
Lokesh Kumar
Srihari is helpful and patient. This is new stuff to most of us. His initial guidance has gone a long... read more - 13/07/2021
teja prachand Avatar
teja prachand
I was looking for vendors that sell good quality, healthy kefir grains and I did a lot of research as... read more - 13/07/2021
David Bumbra Avatar
David Bumbra
Great customer service. Well everytime I asked something he replied in a very short time.And the quality of grains is... read more - 13/07/2021
Arijit Sahoo Avatar
Arijit Sahoo
I was suffering from terrible gastrointestinal issues even after multiple appointments with doctors let it be allopathy , homeopathy, ayurvedic... read more - 13/07/2021
Andy Karandikar Avatar
Andy Karandikar
High quality kefir grains. Prompt service. - 13/07/2021
sashikanth kuruva Avatar
sashikanth kuruva
Previously, I had bought water kefir grains from amazon. But they were not that good.... half of them would die... read more - 13/07/2021
yogesh Avatar
I am dr.yogesh kalyanimath consulting plastic surgeon in Victoria hospital. Well, I was aware of kefir and it’s benefits, hence... read more - 13/07/2021
Sunil Thonse Avatar
Sunil Thonse
Excellent milk kefir grains... Works like a charm. - 13/07/2021
karthik pk Avatar
karthik pk
Water kefir serves as a tasty carbonated drink with numerous health benefits. All we need are the good quality... read more - 13/07/2021
Tushar Choraria Avatar
Tushar Choraria
Sri Hari Ji is always available to answer all your queries and give you the best possible advice. It was... read more - 13/07/2021
Arun Kumar Avatar
Arun Kumar
I used Kefir curd from Kefirwala, It helped me to reverse my diabetics. I am free from diabetics - 13/07/2021
Shrishti Trivedi Avatar
Shrishti Trivedi
Recieved good quality grains. They don't just sell grains but do genuine follow ups, which helps a great deal to... read more - 13/07/2021
Ashish Das Avatar
Ashish Das
Excellent source for Milk Kefir Grains and I am very happy with my purchase as the grains are growing with... read more - 13/07/2021
Apurva Ankleshwaria Avatar
Apurva Ankleshwaria
Purchased milk and water grains from KefirWala. Srihari(owner) is very helpful and answered my queries very patiently. Very happy with... read more - 13/07/2021
In Bala Avatar
In Bala
Kefirwala in Bangalore is a godsend for all those looking for superior quality Kefir grains.In my case, I was suggested... read more - 13/07/2021
Allen c george Avatar
Allen c george
I came across kefirwala while browsing trough ways to reduce my father's knee pain. He has been consuming kefir milk... read more - 13/07/2021
Krithika c Avatar
Krithika c
We received grains from this place in Bangalore and to say it right, yes, after starting to have fermented milk... read more - 13/07/2021
Anjala A.R. Avatar
Anjala A.R.
I have known the benefits of kefir milk for a while, but until recently I didn't know that the grains... read more - 13/07/2021
jayashri k s Avatar
jayashri k s
Healthy drink. My husband who's a diabetic is taking it.It helps relieve constipation also - 13/07/2021
wood grain Avatar
wood grain
Really appreciate Hari's experience and knowledge when it comes to making kefir and growing kefir grains. On my first call... read more - 13/07/2021
dreamer-king Avatar
My search for Kefir grains involves 4 vendors. PREVIOUS VENDORS' EXPERIENCE:- -I placed an order with the first vendor, i... read more - 19/11/2020
Vasuki Prabhu Avatar
Vasuki Prabhu
I bought kefir grains from many places the grains did not grow at all.These grains sent by Kefirwala were big... read more - 28/10/2020
Priya Gundanna Avatar
Priya Gundanna
I had got kefir grains from Kefirwala for my husband's IBD after reading good reviews on google. A lot of... read more - 24/10/2020
Hemalatha Jayaramu Avatar
Hemalatha Jayaramu
I was searching for kefir for my health challenges and I contacted Mr Sri Hari kefirwala .He is such a... read more - 17/10/2020
thiyagu coder Avatar
thiyagu coder
Bought kefir from kefirwala. Grains were shipped immediately with safety and good packaging. Hari guided me well and cleared all... read more - 17/10/2020
Prasanna Grandhi Avatar
Prasanna Grandhi
SriHari is very passionate about promoting the goodness of Kefir . His grains are very big ( size of peanuts... read more - 17/10/2020
Siddhartha Varma Avatar
Siddhartha Varma
I benefited alot from having kefir in some ways. My sleep improved alot. I was able to obtain milk kefir... read more - 03/10/2020
abhinav sirohi Avatar
abhinav sirohi
Excellent support with any queries. Quality of grains is good as they multiplied pretty fast. - 30/09/2020
Lalitha Indrakanti Avatar
Lalitha Indrakanti
After a lot of search and trial and errors and false promises from many sellers, finally got very good quality... read more - 30/09/2020
Kalpit Shah Avatar
Kalpit Shah
Best kefir grains you can get, best quality of grains 👌🏻🤩.SriHari sir is very much passionate about their work.. when... read more - 30/09/2020
Ranjitha BR Avatar
Ranjitha BR
Had good experience drinking kefir. kefirwala is a good place for buying kefir. Water kefir helped me improve my health. - 30/09/2020
dreamer-king Avatar
My search for Kefir grains involves 4 vendors.PREVIOUS VENDORS' EXPERIENCE:--I placed an order with the first vendor, i received the... read more - 30/09/2020
Asha Avatar
I've had very good experiences purchasing from KefirWala. The products have been of good quality. When I was contemplating on... read more - 30/09/2020
Prerna Purushottam Avatar
Prerna Purushottam
Really appreciate Hari's experience and knowledge when it comes to making kefir and growing kefir grains. On my first call... read more - 30/09/2020
Ravi Umbrey Avatar
Ravi Umbrey
Great service. There are not many who sell kefir grains in Bangalore, but it’s been a good experience with Sri... read more - 30/09/2020
Sandesh Rudrapati Avatar
Sandesh Rudrapati
The milk kefir grains are top notch. I have tried buying milk grains twice from other vendors and can vouch... read more - 31/08/2020
Tushar Agarwal Avatar
Tushar Agarwal
Healthy grains and amazing service. Highly recommended. I have seen people posting photos about their grains, and compared to mine,... read more - 31/08/2020
Arooj Sheikh Avatar
Arooj Sheikh
This has been a super amazing experience overall! The first time I spoke with Sri (Kefirwala) I wasn't sure if... read more - 31/08/2020
divya Krishnan Avatar
divya Krishnan
I have had a very good experience with my kefir grain purchase at Kefirwala. The product reached Kolkata in a... read more - 31/08/2020
rahul shrivastav Avatar
rahul shrivastav
Very happy with the service/products provided. Srihari is always there to clarify doubt and queries. The delivery of products is... read more - 31/07/2020
Shivam Rohilla Avatar
Shivam Rohilla
Amazing Customer Care support - 31/07/2020
achyuta aich Avatar
achyuta aich
I got to know about the product of Sri Hari from youtube. Then I contacted him. His offer seemed the... read more - 31/07/2020
aadithya dhanesha Avatar
aadithya dhanesha
Excellent stuff !! Must try !!I regularly get my kefir from them and it is totally worth it ! - 30/06/2020
Harsha N Avatar
Harsha N
I am very impressed with the service offered and the quality of products. - 30/06/2020
sanrit raj Avatar
sanrit raj
If you want quality kefir grains, buy from here. Good grains ,great results observed. - 30/06/2020
Priyanka Mat Avatar
Priyanka Mat
The right place to buy Kefir 🙂 - 31/05/2020
Deepak Heemankshi Avatar
Deepak Heemankshi
Its quite rare to find a person as genuine as Mr Srihari. While browsing for Kefir Grains, I just bumped... read more - 30/04/2020
I will recommend this place for buying kefir grains. Good quality grains and great results seen. This is not a... read more - 30/04/2020
Smitha K.N. Avatar
Smitha K.N.
I was introduced to the taste of kefir through KefirWala. Srihari is immensely knowledged about it and has always attended... read more - 31/03/2020
Preksha Mysore Avatar
Preksha Mysore
Good quality grains and great results seen. - 29/02/2020
ckraj mohan Avatar
ckraj mohan
Received the best Kefir grains well packaged and sent, am using it since two weeks. After receiving it I called... read more - 31/01/2020
manish bhattacharya Avatar
manish bhattacharya
Very happy with the kefir grains and guidance provided by kefirwala. The kefir grains are healthy and we are seeing... read more - 31/01/2020
pankaj biswas Avatar
pankaj biswas
The best quality kefir grains i have purchased and results after consuming kefir after two weeks is incredible i have... read more - 31/01/2020
Rekha R Avatar
Rekha R
I bought the kefir about 3 months back and used it for a week. After that I bought kefir seeds... read more - 31/01/2020
Sayantani Ghosh Avatar
Sayantani Ghosh
Very very pleased with the service provided! Having heard bout Kefir being very beneficial for gut health, I was really... read more - 31/01/2020


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