Use kefir curd for Diabetes.

You can use Kefir curd for Diabetes. It has been scientifically proven to reduce blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes patients.

One out of 10 Indians has Diabetes. The so-called ‘lifestyle’ problem has snowballed in the last 20-30 years. Unfortunately, most people take the easy way and accept lifelong medication rather than follow the more challenging route of getting rid of this disease.

Diabetes is a slow killer. It sneaks up on you, and if you don’t act, it will slowly make your life harder and rob you of your wellbeing.

Reversing Diabetes does not need thousands of rupees or iron will. Just a few simple lifestyle changes can bring better results than all the harsh diets being peddled in the name of nutrition.

Kefir curd or kefir yoghurt is one of the easiest things to include in your food habits to control your Diabetes.

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Which type of Diabetes do you have?

We generally divide diabetes into two types. Type 1 Diabetes is a genetic inheritance. Type 2 Diabetes, which often called as T2D, results from poor lifestyle and food choices.

Kefir has been tested successfully on type 2 diabetes patients.  Although there is no clinical data on its effects on type 1 diabetes, a review of the clinical study which explains the mechanism shows that it is safe to consume even for type 1 patients.


How does kefir work on Diabetes?

Many studies have looked at how kefir curd and other probiotics and prebiotics help people with Diabetes. If you prefer reading all the technical details read on, and if you wish to read the summary skip to the Summary section.

  1. Probiotic effect of lactic acid on blood sugar.

Researchers studied a strain of Lactobacillus known as Lactobacillus gasseri for its effect on the blood glucose level. Testing on mice found that lactic acid lowered blood glucose levels. Apart from improving gut microbiota, it also helped people reduce their weight. Losing weight is extremely important for diabetic people, as even a 2-3 kilo weight loss will significantly reduce their sugar levels.

  1. Probiotics decrease insulin resistance by reducing the inflammatory response commonly found in Diabetes.

Kefir has a hypoglycaemic effect on the blood. Scientists believe that drinking kefir enriches the gut microbiome. Bacteria from kefir produce insulinotropic polypeptides and glucagon-like peptide-l, which enable muscles to uptake more glucose into them, thereby reducing the blood glucose levels.

Also, the liver encourages the absorption of glucose in the form of glycogen, further decreasing the glucose level in blood.


  1. Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli family of bacteria is said to have a significant effect on glucose level in blood. It reduces the amount of sugar in the blood and is also extremely effective in helping arrest onset of Diabetes.
  1. Some experts believe that Diabetes causes oxidative stress condition within the body. It results in the development of insulin resistance and reduces the uptake of glucose by peripheral tissue.
  2. Because of this action, more glucose runs in the body while at the same time inflammation increases within the body and the tissues do not get enough food to perform their best. ()

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Kefir helps your tissues absorb more glucose, reduce internal inflammation and blood glucose level. When taken regularly, it helps your body recover and process glucose naturally. It improves your gut, and metabolism.


Kefir versus regular curd

You might wonder why switch kefir when you can use regular curd?  After all, curd is easier to make and costs nothing extra.  It is also more desi than kefir.

True, Curd is desi, free, and easier to make.

But it cannot do what kefir does. Curd is obtained by Lacto fermenting milk. This fermentation is typically caused by one strain of Lactobacillus bacteria.

In comparison, kefir fermentation uses about 50-60 different types of bacteria and yeast. This results in fermentation with a broader range of bacteria, which is more effective than Lacto-fermentation.

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Do all kefirs work on Diabetes?

The short answer is yes. All kefir grains work in a similar manner and have a similar effect on your body.

Based on our experience, we found that milk kefir is most suited for people with Diabetes. Most clinical studies have used milk kefir.

The bacteria eat the lactose sugar. So the actual sugar content will be very minimal in fermented milk. Water kefir made from sweet water could contain some sugar even after 24 hours fermentation.

For example, 100 ml of water kefir drink usually has more sugar than 100 ml of milk kefir. So, we recommend milk kefir more often than water kefir.

However, if you have milk allergies or dislike milk and its products, you can consume water kefir by fermenting it for a longer duration. Alternatively, you can ferment coconut water and drink that.


How to find the right kefir for you?

Ask yourself: Can you tolerate milk and curd? If you experience any problems with milk but curd is ok for your body, you can drink milk kefir.

But if your body cannot handle any milk products, we recommend either coconut water kefir or water kefir made from palm jaggery. Palm Jaggery has a lower GI, so it is easier on your blood glucose levels.

We prepare Palm Jaggery kefir specifically for Diabetic people. If order in advance,  we will keep yours ready. As always, please start slow and follow the kefir dosage guide.

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Why should you buy kefir for Diabetes from Kefirwala?

We offer free consultation to ensure we recommend the right kefir for you. be it kefir grains or kefir drink, we first ask for your history.

This simple step can help you save hours of research and dilemma. We base our suggestions and recommendations on hundreds of hours of discussions with existing customers, testing and constant fine-tuning.

You get to benefit from the collective wisdom of hundreds of other diabetics who have used kefir to improve their blood sugar levels.

Read through our customer experience page to see why our customers recommend us to their family and friends and what they have achieved by using kefir.

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