Coconut water kefir now in Bangalore

Coconut water kefir is one of the most popular probiotic drinks we sell. In South India, we have a long tradition of using coconut and its by-products to improve health.  The coconut tree is called Kalpavruksha, meaning the ‘Tree of Life.’ Tender coconut water and its flesh are most sought after during the summer.  The sweet liquid is full of electrolytes and has a cooling effect on the body.

By fermenting the tender coconut water, you can multiply the benefits. Coconuts are available year-round, and now you can enjoy two benefits by using one drink. It is refreshing, low on sugar and a healthy juice that gives the advantage of both coconut water and fermentation.

What is Coconut water kefir?

Coconut water Kefir bangalore
Coconut water Kefir Bangalore (c)

Coconut kefir is a drink created by fermenting tender coconut water by using unique kefir grains that works only on coconut water. We buy fresh coconuts every day, filter the water for floating particles and ferment it using these distinctive kefir grains. These grains are also known as Kepe Niyog and are native to the Philippines.

Many people use water kefir grains to ferment coconut water and get discouraged when the grains disintegrate. That happens because water kefir grains need more sugar to survive, whereas coconut water grains can sustain even in low sugar content. You can also use these grains to ferment coconut milk. If you want to get more fizz, we recommend adding a spoon of coconut sugar to the brew when you start. Fermentation takes 20-30 hours depending on the weather. Once it is ready, filter out, put the grains back in the jar and drink the fermented coconut water. If you like it chilled, put it in the fridge for a few hours.


Who uses fermented Coconut water?

Among my customers, two types of people prefer coconut kefir, Diabetics and people with special diets. Most diabetics can drink a spoonful of well-fermented water kefir without compromising their sugar levels. But if your sugar level is high, we suggest you use fermented coconut water instead. The level of sugar in tender coconuts is relatively low. When fermented, the sugar level drops significantly. The vitamin and mineral-rich probiotic is a fantastic drink that improves your gut health while being very low on sugar. And if you ferment it for longer with a tight lid, coconut kefir water will give a soda-like fizz.

The other category is the ‘special diet’ people. Folks on ‘no sugar’ prefer coconut kefir water because it uses no form of sugar in preparation. If you are on Keto, this would be a perfect addition to your food habits.


How to make Coconut kefir?

Preparing coconut water kefir is very easy.

Get a fresh tender coconut.

Get the water out and filter it for coconut flesh and other particles.

Add the coconut water to jar with grains in it.

Close the lid tightly and let it sit in a warm place away from sunlight.

Open after 20-30 hours.

Use a sieve and filter out the fermented water, making sure to leave behind some water in the bottom of the jar, along with grains.

Drink as much as you want and store the rest in a glass bottle in the fridge.

You can flavour the filtered coconut water with lemon, Coconut sugar or fresh coconut milk.

Caution: Do not use coconut water from a tin, tetra pack or a bottle as most of them contain preservatives. To ensure you grains stay healthy for a long time, use only fresh coconut water.


Benefits of this probiotic

Coconut kefir is a fantastic probiotic. It contains electrolytes, minerals and vitamins. Most importantly, these vitamins and minerals become more bioavailable due to fermentation. So your body can absorb it better.

If you are hungover from drinking too much alcohol, try fermented coconut water. Alcohol depletes the body’s potassium and causes dehydration. Drinking coconut Kefir is a great way to replenish your body’s potassium reserves. Plus, the electrolytes and water intake also help reduce the hangover effects.

Fermented coconut water is also a great alkalizer. If your tummy has too much acidity, coconut water will neutralise the excessive acids.

Instead of drinking heavily processed energy drinks after your workout, try coconut water. It is rich in antioxidants and electrolytes. Avoiding sugar-rich sports drinks also help your body with recovery.

Coconut water is also rich in magnesium and live enzymes.

The advantages are endless.  When fermented, it becomes even more potent. So try it for a week and see how your body responds. Many of our customers love coconut water kefir and swear by its effectiveness.


How to buy Coconut kefir in Bangalore?

Kefir grains specific to coconut water are rare in India. They are found in abundance in Indonesia and the Hawaiian Islands. We got our coconut kefir grains from an Indonesian friend. The difference between traditional water kefir and Indonesian coconut kefir grains is that the former cannot survive for long when coconut water is the primary food while the latter thrives on coconut water and coconut milk.

We have tested this with several types of water kefir grains. Only the Indonesian kefir grains survive and multiply when using coconut water.

We sell coconut kefir water in 250 ml bottles, and they can be stored for up to a week in the fridge. As a rule, we do not sell coconut kefir grains because they are hard to come by. But if you belong to either of the two groups, diabetics or special diets, we make an exception.  Hit the buy now button and specify your requirements; one of us will call to take other details and complete your order.

How much kefir should I drink?

As always, start with one spoon of kefir drink in the beginning.  You can increase the dosage slowly every day. Coconut kefir is gentle, and it will be easy for your body to adjust to this probiotic within a  week.

If you have any questions on how coconut kefir water can help you, call us on 888 4728 555.