Thanks for visiting KefirWala. I know you are curious to know how kefir can help improve your health.  I get a lot of questions on kefir every day.

Some of the common question I often get are:

What is kefir?
Why is it good for us?
How is it different from curds?
Will kefir grains work in India?
Is it hard to make kefir milk?
What is the difference between Milk and water Kefir?
and so on….

To make it easy for you to get started with kefir fermenting, we have created these videos. Watch them and most of your questions will be answered. You can get Milk Kefir Grains as well as Water kefir in India now! No need to order it from US or Europe.  We specialize in providing high quality milk and water kefir grains, fermented milk and Fermented water in Bangalore.

To order kefir grains please WhatsApp us on 9741821711.

What is Kefir?


Why should you include kefir milk in your food habit?

A spoonful of milk kefir grains can ferment half a liter of milk in 24 hours. This is good for a family of 7-8 people. A Spoonful of grains costs you Rs 1500 only. Local deliveries available in Bangalore.  Once you buy them, you can keep fermenting milk and water for ever.

We also ship to almost all cities within India at an extra charge. Whatsapp on 9741821711 to order.

 How to use kefir grains once you receive it.

When you buy kefir grans from us, we ensure you understand how to use it and include almost everything you need to get started. Watch this video to get a clear idea on how easy it is to use kefir grains. If you still have questions, we are only a call away.

If you still have questions, please Whatsapp me on 9741821711.

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