Easy ways to use Milk kefir in everyday food

Can you use Milk kefir in everyday food?

A lot of people wonder if there is a better way to consume kefir other than drinking it up like curd. The good news is , yes, Kefir can be used in everyday food items.

Kefir is sour due to fermentation, which could be hard for a few people to taste every day. In fact, some people detest anything sour, especially in India where a sweet curd is preferred to sour ones.

So how else can you use kefir in your daily food to improve your health?

  1. Substitute for curds in cooking. Where ever you use curd, replace with kefir. If you are a south Indian Curd Vada is a delicacy, everyone loves. Instead of curd Vada, make it kefir Vada
  2. Ice creams: if you make ice cream at home, use kefir instead of milk fat. You will need to add a bit more sugar to manage the taste the result will be something like Srikhand, which goes very well with Chapatis, puris and to eat by itself.
  3. Soup: if you are making yourself a creamy tomato soup, add kefir instead of cream. Kefir will make the soup tangy, a perfect treat for the winter months.
  4. Smoothies: A nice smoothie after morning workout is a wonderful breakfast. Instead of milk, add the fermented milk to help your body get the necessary nourishment while also building your immunity.
  5. Cereal breakfast: Ready for a new tangy flavoured breakfast? Kefir goes great with Musli. If you and/or your kids are hung up on corn flakes, push it aside for a more nutritious Musli. Just add a bit of kefir and enjoy as is or with a little bit of honey or Jaggery.
  6.  6. In summer, you can use milk kefir to make lassi and butter milk. Chill it lightly and it will make for a refreshing drink.

There any many ways you can use kefir in everyday food. Try a few of these and if you have a suggestion, comment and let us know too 

PS: White sugar is poison, stay away from it and keep everyone you love away from it too.

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  1. Hi,

    Your shopping page states that you sell the milk kefir grains in batches of 20-30 grams which is enough for a family of 4-6 people.

    Do you sell smaller batches for a single person?


    • That unit is the smallest batch we sell. Please Whatsapp on 8884728555 and let me see if I can make another option for you.

      • Thanks for the prompt response. I appreciate it.
        I prefer not to use whatsapp. Are you available on telegram or signal?
        Or an official email?

  2. I have purchased kefir grains from you. I am using it daily barring exception when I go out of station. Now my question is how to use excess grains available. Presently I drink 100ml.kefir every day. I have given excess grains to two of my relatives.
    Now the question is how to make use of grains available in extra with me in good /beneficial ways. Please guide.


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