Can kefir heal Cancer?

Someone asked me this question recently.

 Since I did not know if Kefir helps in cancer treatment, I began to dig deep to find out. Anecdotally I found a few people with stories of how they started using kefir while undergoing cancer treatment. And some others had a relative who used kefir milk while undergoing chemo and other cancer treatments. So it felt there kefir has a role to play in cancer treatment.

A review of PubMed revealed several studies including one Oncology study indicated that kefir milk has good anti-cancer properties and has been beneficial as a part of cancer treatment.

 However, most cancer treatments compromises your body’s natural immunity, so it is important to discuss with your doctors before you start using Kefir.

Medical Literature about Kefir’s effects in cancer

Kefir is also a great way to keep your body’s gut in good health. It replenishes your gut bacteria and reinforces your immunity. Many of the strong medicines used in cancer treatment destroys gut bacteria. Consuming fermented drinks allows the bacteria to recolonize the intestine, thereby helping improve patients digestion and  nutrition absorption capability. This plays a big role in helping cancer patients regain strength over time.

But do not assume only Kefir helps in cancer. It can only play a minor role in helping your body recreate immunity. It is  very important to ensure your grains are of high quality and uncontaminated by other bacteria. I have attached links to a few medical publications  so you can continue your research on the subject. As always, consult your doctor before you alter the diet of a patient undergoing serious treatments.

If you have any questions on how to use kefir or if it is right for you, give me a call.


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