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Make Beet Kvass with Water Kefir

Did you know you can make Beet Kvass with Water Kefir?

How to prepare beet Kvass

We love fermented food and often experiment with it. One of my personal favourites is Beet Kvass, an Eastern European drink famous for its liver cleansing ability.

Beets are known for its power to cleanse blood and liver. When you ferment them, it makes them even more powerful.

Kvass is excellent to drink when you are dealing with digestive problems, chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue, allergies and hangover.

Beetroots are available in India round the year and making Kvass is very easy.

Here are the steps to make beet Kvass using water kefir.

  1. Wash 2-4 beets and peel the skin and wash again in filtered water.
  2. Chop them into small cubes. Smaller cubes are better than bigger ones as it helps with faster fermentation
  3. Put the beets in a glass jar and fill it up to half the capacity with filtered drinking water.
  4. Fill the remaining part of the jar with fermented water (Kefir water)
  5. Add a spoon of Himalayan salt
  6. Wrap a cloth to the mouth of the jar and leave it undisturbed for two days.
  7. After two days, filter the liquid using a nylon strainer and keep it in the fridge
  8. Use the beetroot pieces to make a salad.

If you notice any floating particles on top after day two, clear it with a plastic spoon or a nylon mesh.

Once filtered, Kvass can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. The longer it is kept, the better it will taste.

 If you are new to fermented drinks, start with 2-3 spoons a day.

In case you do not have access to water kefir drink or grains, add two more spoons of salt and let the fermentation go on for four days instead of two.

Store the finished Kvass in glass jars. Open them at least once a day to allow the gasses to escape.

 Well-fermented Kvass is salty and has an earthy taste.

We prepare Beet kvass several times a month. If you want to try our version, order water kefir and mention that you want beet Kvass.

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SriHari, aka Kefirwala, started using kefir in 2015. He was struggling with multiple health issues which seemed to bring down his digestion and energy levels. After experiencing the effect of kefir first hand, he decided to tell others about it. He ferments, and he writes, and he dances and teaches Somatic movements.

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