Water kefir drink in Bangalore

Do you want kefir drink but don’t have time to make it? No problem. Kefirwala now delivers ready-to-use Water kefir to your doorstep. This is a convenient way to get the fizzy probiotic drink with zero preparation time. Many of our customers said they loved to drink kefir every day but maintaining the kefir grains … Read moreWater kefir drink in Bangalore

Where to get Kefir grains in India?

Getting Kefir grains in India is not hard. But finding quality grains is not very easy and limited only to the top tier cities.   Fermented food has been a part of Indian food tradition for centuries. Idly and Dosa are two of the most common Indian examples. Our country is famous for its many … Read moreWhere to get Kefir grains in India?

 Water kefir or Milk kefir – Which is better?

Many people who read about probiotics wonder about the same thing, which one they should try first, Milk kefir or Water kefir. Both the varieties of Kefir are good in their own way. Owing to the nutrients present in the milk, Milk kefir has a stronger profile. But the beauty of water kefir is its … Read more Water kefir or Milk kefir – Which is better?