Milk kefir Drink (Bangalore only)

One litre of A2 milk kefir drink in a glass bottle. Use for up to 2 weeks from the time of delivery. Needs refrigeration.


Are you looking for Milk kefir Drink in Bangalore?

Too busy to make your own kefir every day? We prepare Milk kefir drink every day using high-quality A2 milk. We make it in very small batches and only on orders, so you can be sure of freshness. You can opt for either raw or boiled and cooled A2 milk. This facility is available only in Bangalore. Sorry, we cannot ship to any other cities due to logistical challenges. We use safe, non-toxic glass bottles for these products.

Short on time? don’t have the patience to spend 20 minutes a day making kefir? Then ready-to-drink kefir is the best option for you!

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Let’s face it. Who wants to add an extra 20-minute work every day to get healthy? Most people would rather spend that time enjoying a new show or relaxing with family. Preparing kefir will need at least 20-30 minutes. Many people who buy grains to make it themselves, often lose that initial enthusiasm within 1-2 weeks and then the grains stay in the fridge forever.

Ready to drink milk kefir option is the easiest way for you to develop a habit of drinking kefir every day.

We also have a subscription option for those who want to make Milk kefir drink a regular habit.

 Our milk is sourced directly from farms in Kolar. It is chilled and brought overnight and fresh kefir is put to ferment every day. And as we said before it is done based on order so we don’t have any pending stock by evening. This ensures our kefir is always fresh and gives maximum benefit to customers. 

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 Milk kefir drink can also be customised to meet your taste needs. If you prefer a light version, we can do it. If you rather get a strong kefir, we’ve got your back. Please tell us while ordering and we will happily customise it for you. We need at least 24 hours to prepare your order and we do not deliver on Sundays. So please place your orders in advance.

To place your order for Milk kefir drink, click order below and you will be directed to our whatsapp order page.

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Please note: This product is available only in Bangalore.


200 ml Milk Kifir drink = Rs 200

1 Litre Milk Kefir drink =450


Self pick up: Free

Shipped to doorstep: At actual cost. We use Dunzo, Telyport etc to ship within Bangalore.

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