WHO analysis of Coronavirus and recommendations.

fight coronavirus The World Health Organisation (WHO) sent 25 international experts to study the spread of Covid-19 (or Coronavirus) in China. After nine days of study, the team published its findings. The full video of the press conference (see above) and the report are available.  Here are some of the things worth paying attention to: Older … Read more

Drinking Kefir when you have a cold

Drinking Kefir when you have a cold sounds like a bad idea. In fact, Traditional doctors suggest we avoid cold and sour drinks when you suffer from cold or cough.  But, is this suggestion valid in case of kefir? After all, kefir is fantastic when it comes to fighting infection. Check out this video to … Read more

Where to Buy Kefir grains in India?

Buying Kefir grains in India is not hard. But finding quality grains is not very easy and limited only to the top tier cities until now. With Kefirwala, you can now get kefir grains in any part of India. We ship it across the country. With our one year warranty and big sized grains, we … Read more

Water kefir or Milk kefir – Which is better?

Many people who read about probiotics wonder about the same thing, which one they should try first, Milk kefir or Water kefir. Both the varieties of Kefir are good in their own way. Owing to the nutrients present in the milk, Milk kefir has a stronger profile. But the beauty of water kefir is its … Read more

Easy ways to use Milk kefir in everyday food

Can you use Milk kefir in everyday food? A lot of people wonder if there is a better way to consume kefir other than drinking it up like curd. The good news is , yes, Kefir can be used in everyday food items. Kefir is sour due to fermentation, which could be hard for a … Read more

what is Kefir?

I got a few questions on what kefir is, in Indian context and how is it good for us… so here are the answers to you most commonly asked questions.   if you have any more questions or suggestions, leave a comment and I will be happy to answer. This video is slightly outdated. So … Read more