Where to get Kefir grains in India?

Where to get Kefir grains in India?
kefir milk in india

Getting Kefir grains in India is not hard. But finding quality grains is not very easy and limited only to the top tier cities.   Fermented food has been a part of Indian food tradition for centuries. Idly and Dosa are two of the most common Indian examples. Our country is famous for its many variations of curds. Lassi, chaas, buttermilk are all very common beverages around the country.   In fact, the best comparison for milk kefir is curds. But the milk fermented with kefir grains is a lot more nutritious and healthier than curds. Probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus converts milk into curds.   Milk kefir contains 40-50 strains of…

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