Where to Buy Kefir grains in India?

Buying Kefir grains in India is not hard. But finding quality grains is not very easy and limited only to the top tier cities until now.

With Kefirwala, you can now get kefir grains in any part of India. We ship it across the country. With our one year warranty and big sized grains, we make it easy for you to ferment kefir at home.

Why should you buy kefir grains?

We have been consuming Idly and Dosa and pickles for ages. So fermenting is not new to us. But the difference with kefir grains is that these grains produce a higher quality fermentation due to presences of 40-60 different strains of bacteria than the traditional fermentation techniques.

Milk turning into curd, Dosa and Idly batter fermenting are all caused by ‘wild fermentation’ method and is primarily done a strain of lactobacillus and some strains of wild yeast.

Kefir grains, on the other hand, have a richer bacteria and yeast profile and thus offer better probiotic factor than wild fermentation. 

This is why kefir is more effective than curd in resolving several gut-related issues.

Kefirwala's Milk Kefir Grains
These are our lovely Milk Kefir Grains

At Kefirwala, we offer the best quality kefir grains in India, with a one-year warranty. So even if something happens to your grains, you won’t need to buy them again.

To ensure we sell you the grains that work best for you, we offer a free consultation. We understand your needs and then suggest the grains that best fits your goals. To get started, hit the order button and fill your details and we will call you shortly.

The grains are usually dispatched the same day or the next using the quickest mode possible.

You will receive a written guide, a video guide and phone support to ensure you can start fermentation with ease.

Why do people take probiotics?

Whenever you take an antibiotic, it kills off all the bacteria in your guts, leaving you weak. Doctors prescribe sporlac or another brand of probiotic supplement to get your gut back in shape. But most of these pharma manufactured pills have 1-3 strains of bacteria.

Taking kefir milk or kefir water will help replenish the gut colony quickly and safely. This will allow you to digest better and improve nutrition absorption. Kefir is also known to have fantastic anti-inflammatory properties so it can be helpful in dozens of other cases which involve stomach inflammation.

And since you make it at home, there is no question about using preservatives or other chemicals.

Kefir is so effective in improving immunity and restoring gut flora that even cancer patients are told to use it. Order your kefir grains by clicking on the button below.

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How to buy kefir in India?

Milk kefir grains
Milk kefir grains @kefirwala

We sell a few different types of kefir grains. Based on your nutrition and health goals, we recommend a particular variety. This customization ensures you get exactly what you need.

When you buy kefir grains in India from us, you also get our one-year warranty. If your grains die for any reason, we will give you a free replacement.

Call us today and get a free phone consultation to figure out which is the best kefir grains for you.

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