Drinking Kefir when you have a cold

Drinking Kefir when you have a cold sounds like a bad idea. In fact, Traditional doctors suggest we avoid cold and sour drinks when you suffer from cold or cough.  But, is this suggestion valid in case of kefir? After all, kefir is fantastic when it comes to fighting infection. Check out this video to … Read more

Water kefir drink in Bangalore

Do you want kefir drink but don’t have time to make it? No problem. Kefirwala now delivers ready-to-use Water kefir to your doorstep. This is a convenient way to get the fizzy probiotic drink with zero preparation time. Many of our customers said they loved to drink kefir every day but maintaining the kefir grains … Read more

Easy ways to use Milk kefir in everyday food

Can you use Milk kefir in everyday food? A lot of people wonder if there is a better way to consume kefir other than drinking it up like curd. The good news is , yes, Kefir can be used in everyday food items. Kefir is sour due to fermentation, which could be hard for a … Read more